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Keiter is perhaps best remembered for his recreations of San Francisco (formerly New York) Giants baseball games, which WINS carried in 1958 to keep disconnected Giant fans in touch with their team. So strong was the memory of the late-1970s WKTU that despite all the subsequent on-air changes, the general public still regarded it as a disco station. [10][11] Most of the classic rock DJs, including Jimmy Fink, Tony Pigg and Marc Coppola, disappeared from the station with this change, as did The Greaseman. Your email address will not be published. However, it was not simulcast on XM. At 4:45p.m. on March 11, 2009, after playing a block of goodbye-themed or departure themed songs, ending with Nirvana's "All Apologies" (a near-bookend to the format's 2007 relaunch) and "Right Now" by Van Halen, WXRK began stunting with the sound of a ticking clock. Veteran journalists Brigitte . [3] The station was co-owned with WMCA by former New York state senator Nathan Straus Jr. FM radio was not a successful venture for Straus, and he decided to either sell the FM station or close it down altogether.[4][5]. Traffic. Meanwhile, station executive David Rapaport (father of actor Michael Rapaport) visited New York's Studio 54 nightclub on half a dozen occasions, and was very impressed with the crowds there. By. Can I Follow my favorite stations on the Audacy Desktop Web Player? [26] At first, WCBS did not go full-time with all-news, offering other programming during late nights, but joined WINS in broadcasting all-news around the clock by 1970. Host of 22 Minutes on https://t.co/13eSMEcjC0 Newstalk 1010 (CFRB-AM) is an iHeartRadio station. The station signed off the "Alt" format with a special 3-hour goodbye show with many former station staffers visiting or calling in to the station and paying tribute to the format. After Jim Cramer's Real Money went off the air on in December 2006, WFNY-FM was left with just four talk shows (one from syndication). 1010 WINS News Listen Line: 518-906-1372 Favorites Visit Website View Gadgets STREAMS FOR 1010 WINS News 1010 WINS 1 hour, 42 minutes remaining New York TOPIC TAGS Be the first to tag 1010 WINS News with a topic. From a programming standpoint, they have different styles (hard news, vs. lighter and conversational) to appeal to different listeners. 92.3-HD3 was initially using the delayed audio feed from wfan.com complete with internet only commercials and not the over the air broadcast feed used by WFAN on 660 AM. The teletype sound effect was eventually dropped by the late 2010s. At 9 a.m. on May 24, 2007, after Opie and Anthony, an eight-hour countdown clock began on the former "Free FM" website, while WFNY-FM began stunting with a sound collage. By 2003, with a new program director, the station dropped the active rock variant of music. In October 2018, the HD2 channel flipped to new alternative as "New Arrivals". PART OF AUDACY NEWS. It's all here. Audacy has announced a series of key news programming moves for WCBS 880 (WCBS-AM) and 1010 WINS (WINS-AM / 92.3 FM) in New York. Lindsey Ellefson | June 3, 2021 @ 10:23 AM. FMQB: Radio Industry News, Music Industry Updates, Arbitron Ratings, Music News and more! His Jewish parents, mother Anne, and father Herman, who met after World War II and have both died, very rarely spoke to him . CBS was the first broadcaster to make an attempt to mimic Westinghouse's all-news formula. [22] This relieved WINS of the need to "null" its signal in the direction of Little Rock. His list of co-hosts include former players, Torrey Smith, Shane Vereen, Ed McCaffrey, and Bruce Gradkowski Show Schedule Combine Today Next Airs Today at 8 pm 1hr Combine Today Show Schedule The SiriusXM Blitz WNIU became an all-classical music station, and WNIJ provided news, jazz and entertainment. WKTU remained among the top ten New York City radio stations through 1983. 1010 WINS, Lyndhurst, N.J. . The WXRK call letters were replaced by WFNY-FM (standing for "Free New York") on January 1, 2006, with the official "Free FM" launch two days later at 6 a.m.[14] The station, which was one of several CBS Radio stations around the nation branded as "Free FM", featured rock singer David Lee Roth as its morning show host. Breaking news. Brigitte Quinn is a former television news anchor who currently works as the morning anchor for New York City's 1010WINS radio station. radio and podcasts, all free. The following Monday, WFNY-FM expanded the guest host time slot by an hour, making it 9 p.m. to Midnight. The HD3 was dropped altogether when WFAN began simulcasting on 101.9 FM on November 2, 2012. At 10 a.m. on Friday, December 16, after the last terrestrial Howard Stern show, "K-Rock" began a 20-minute stunt with a melange of audio sound bites, music and program line-up announcements. [1] The station was bought by William Randolph Hearst in 1932. area. Even though the network has done things that you can arguably say are wrong, that doesnt matter to them, OReilly said. By clicking Submit, you acknowledge you have read and agree to Audacys Website and Digital Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Our goal at WABC Radio is not only to deliver the news but to include all sides of the story.. Symone coming on strong. I like when you guys are onI like news 24/7, and now I find Im getting it. Beginning May 7, "Free FM" started using guest hosts 9 a.m. to Noon to replace The Dog House. "WFNY Radio Ignores DJ's Use of Anti-Gay Slurs", "CBS Radio Show Hosts Suspended After Prank Call", "92.3 Free-FM WFNY Reverts To K-Rock - Format Change Archive", "92.3 K-Rock becomes Now-FM - Format Change Archive", Format Change: 'K-Rock' WXRK to '92.3 Now' WNOW (NYC) (03-11-2009)- YouTube, Nick Cannon to Howard Stern: Youre going to work youre butt off on America's Got Talent', "NERW 10/29/2012: Sandy Takes Aim at NERW-land (Tuesday night update! In 1962, WMGM adopted a beautiful music format under its previous call letters, WHN, while WINS was purchased by the Westinghouse Electric Corporation. In late 1950, Straus sold the station to the owners of WHOM radio and WHOM-FM went on the air on February 26, 1951,[6] featuring a variety of formats, including ethnic, background music, classical, Spanish, and easy listening. 1010 WINS reporter John Montone using. Audacy New York has announced an FM simulcast for 1010 WINS. We are standing at the edge of an exciting new era for news in New York for our team, our advertisers, and, most importantly, our listeners, said Mevorach. KZLS started simulcasting on KQOB at the beginning of this year after the 96.9 signal was leased to Citadel and Cumulus Media for nineteen years. Download now for free and listen to the radio easily. WINS (1010kHz) is a commercial AM radio station licensed to New York, New York, owned by Audacy, Inc. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 77 WABC has announced Noam Laden has joined the station as its new News Director. He currently serves as the executive vice president of the New York Board of Rabbis.. I like news. March 2, 2007, was the last day for the Penn Jillette show on "Free FM" and CBS Radio stations. Additional new shows soon followed. The station's studios are located in the Hudson Square neighborhood in Manhattan and its transmitter is located at the Empire State Building. Paco later went to jail for drug dealing.[7]. Director Noreen Springstead joined 1010 WINS Reporter Glenn Schuck live in studio. [4][1] WGBS moved to 860kHz in 1927, to 1180kHz in 1928, to 600kHz in 1929, and back to 1180kHz in 1931. Now more than ever. Today, the New York outlets co-exist with the format as Audacy-owned sister stations. News anchor for New York's renowned 1010 WINS, the top-rated all-news radio station in the nation and winner of . [citation needed][clarification needed]. NOW ON 92.3 FM! Sports: Every half hour at :15 and :45 around the clock 24 hours a day. Our website also provides radio show podcasts, contests, local events and concerts. BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2023: 1010 WINS PAYS TRIBUTE WITH SPECIAL COVERAGE "K-Rock" vet Chris Booker took his place, airing in afternoon drive from 27 p.m. Due to low ratings, the final terrestrial airing of Opie and Anthony show aired on March 9, 2009. The former Fox News host added that Fox News has been vilified by those guilty of the same crime. On December 28, 2006, John and Jeff started being broadcast from syndication out of sister station KLSX in Los Angeles, broadcasting live from 2 a.m.-6 a.m. On January 2, 2007, Larry Wachs, who was half of The Regular Guys morning show on WKLS-FM in Atlanta, began hosting the 10 p.m. to Midnight slot on the station for two weeks. His morning show became the highest-rated in the market, dethroning Don Imus, who previously had the highest-rated morning show for several years on WNBC. Quinn has hosted Newsline with Brigitte Quinn, a daily four-hour news program, since 2021. By mid-1984, WKTU moved to a mainstream CHR format as well, giving up its disco past, but the ratings continued to decline. WIND was not successful, and Westinghouse tried again after selling WIND in 1985 and acquiring WMAQ from NBC in 1988. Discover 1010 WINS and more on Audacy. You'd be hard-pressed to find a personality or radio station that she hasn't been a part of over the years. Ron and Fez, who also had a show on XM, signed an agreement to broadcast a Free FM-exclusive radio show from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Ron and Fez had previously been employed by CBS at WNEW-FM shortly after that station switched to Hot talk in 1999. Concurrently, the WNOW-FM call letters were transferred to WNOU in Indianapolis, Indiana. Glenn Schuck and the team of 1010 WINS reporters are in your neighborhoods, telling you the stories that impact your family and friends. To fill the void, WXRK switched to an alternative-leaning active rock format on January 5, 1996, right after Stern's show. CBS fired JV and Elvis, as well as the producer of The Dog House, after numerous complaints were received from various civil rights groups. Plus, Sophias experience will make sure that we have focused coverage on one of the largest and most important parts of our listening area Long Island.. During this period, the disc jockeys included Paco, G. Keith Alexander, Rosko, J.D. At a time when quality journalism and local reporting is so critical, it was the ideal moment to make a strong investment in our news creation and distribution capabilities, said Audacy New York Market President Chris Oliviero. In 1993, The Greaseman's syndicated show was put in the nighttime slot, bookending Stern with an act that was often quite controversial. [4] In 1958, Murray "the K" Kaufman joined as the all-night DJ, naming his show the Swingin' Soiree. Originally the FM adjunct to WMCA, this station has featured a series of contemporary music, rock, hot talk and alternative rock formats from 1975 to 2022. 2023 Audacy, Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Ratings were relatively low. Join anchorsLee Harris and Susan Richardas they bring you the latest in local and national news. Minutes later, at 5 p.m., "K-Rock" was relaunched on 92.3 FM, playing an alternative rock format with a playlist focused on rock from the 1990s and 2000s, along with heavy classic rock. Among the core audience18- to 34-year-old menthe numbers fell from 13.8 to 1.3. August 9, 2021. On TONIGHT . The Radio Disney feed would be discontinued in June 2018 after the agreement between Disney and Entercom, which inherited the agreement from CBS, expired. 1010 WINS' Larry Mullins writes about his interview with 2018 Black History Month honoree Sunny Hostin. He added the media is a pack animal and when one network sees a story it can cover, others will follow suit, as evidenced in the Alex Murdaugh murder trial. Listen Live. New Yorkers need to be in-the-know first thing in the morning and throughout their busy day, said Chad Lopez, President of Red Apple Media and 77 WABC. 880 WCBS will also share a newsroom. [14] Noted sports broadcaster Les Keiter served as sports director for a period in the 1950s. The station also had contests which begun after Opie and Anthony. The radio station format is news. WXRK to morph to active rock at that time. Advertising on WINS-AM can be a very effective means to attract new customers in the New York, NY area. Its great to be part of a winning team with passionate owners. News, ABC News and Audacys WCBS 880 and WNEW. Freedom 96.9 is teasing the addition of Dana Loesch to the lineup as well to enhance the rebrand further as the station begins a new chapter as it provides news/talk to the residents. The staff found out on Friday when they were all pulled into an office and, "like 1010 WINS does, 'gave us the news,'" said 92.3 radio personality Brady. That fall, the station added legendary WABC host Dan Ingram to afternoons, and Jo "The Madame" Maeder, from Miami's Y-100, joined Jay Thomas in the morning and did her own midday show, but the station continued to struggle in the ratings. Following the main channel's format change to "Now" on March 11, 2009, the HD2 channel became known as simply "K-Rock", but retained the alternative rock format. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! Karen Stewart Host at 1010WINS Karen Stewart 5am - 12:30pm Follow Karen Stewart: Karen has been on the air in NYC since 1987 and doing Traffic since 1990. Richards studied radio broadcasting at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario. In order to save and manage your favorite stations, please sign up or log in. Eventually, the station evolved, re-positioned as mellow rock, dropped artists like the Carpenters, most R&B product, and added some softer songs from AOR artists. [16], JV and Elvis were later suspended on April 30 over a six-minute prank phone call peppered with ethnic and sexual slurs to a Chinese restaurant, after numerous Chinese American advocacy groups complained to CBS demanding the hosts be fired.[17]. [9], Sportscaster Mel Allen was an early disc jockey on the station, hosting an afternoon popular music program beginning in 1947.[10][11]. In addition, WXRK/WNOW had a constant turnover of program directors and airstaff, including the sudden releasing of all the then-current airstaff (with the exception of midday host Niko and evening host Toro) on May 21, 2014, as rumors of a complete rehauling of 92.3's format abounded. Later in 2012, Merlin Media, LLC sold the frequency to CBS Radio, which turned it into an FM simulcast of WFAN, making it a sister station to both WINS and WCBS. Always live on the free @Audacy app. The Cleveland station is now WKRK-FM. On April 19, 1965, after weeks of speculation, WINS changed its format radically. BLACK HISTORY MONTH 2023: 1010 WINS PAYS TRIBUTE WITH SPECIAL COVERAGE PHOTOS: New mural honors Bronx teen 'Junior' Guzman-Feliz 3 years after his death News May 13, 2021 NYC congressman recovered from COVID, credits vaccine for symptom-free case News February 4, 2021 1010 WINS is an News radio station serving New York. OReilly asked his podcast audience if the information uncovered during the Dominion Voting Systems lawsuit against the network would change the way they viewed the channel. The "Alt" format officially signed off with "New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down" by the Brooklyn-based band LCD Soundsystem. The switch marked the return of the format to the market for the first time since 2012, when WRXP switched to a simulcast of WFAN as WFAN-FM after its sale to CBS. The previous WXRK ("92.3 K-Rock" in Cleveland, also owned by CBS Radio) received the callsign WKRI. These series of moves will solidify our earned position as the go-to trusted source for news, traffic and weather every day.. Shortly thereafter, WKTU received new competition from WHTZ and WPLJ, both of which adapted a CHR format. I know the whole lineup.. February 1965, November 1964, April 17-19, 1965. After playing a song by the band the hosts also called the bass part "a little faggy." At 4:55p.m., the station announced that K-Rock was moving to 92.3 HD2, and after an introductory package, officially flipped to a rhythmic-leaning CHR format, branded as "92.3 Now". Unlike today's adult contemporary music formats, WKTU, by early 1978, was only playing artists heard on album-oriented rock stations, using the softer songs from their popular albums. By John Moore host of Moore in the Morning on Newstalk 1010 in Toronto. For the best in Classic Hits from the 60's, 70's and 80's listen to Magic 103.3FM!. According to the station's Twitter post, Toronto Mayor and former NEWSTALK 1010 host John Tory will be joining Nair and MacArthur on "The Rush" on April 11 to "show them the ropes." Tory was previously a special guest on the radio station, filling in for morning host John Moore.

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